Beer Making

IMG_1385Human beings have been making beer since from before recorded time. I like the idea that the making of beer was instrumental in creating human civilization by forcing  people to settle in one spot so as to grow grains. Bread was a by product………

The Old Boys Basement Brewery has been in operation now for over a year and many a fine brew we have made. We are into all grain brewing and have even tried our had at malting our own barley.

I’m not too good at keeping up these kinds of records but would like to try. I’m working on putting together an IPA using my own malted barley. I’ll have some malt extract as back-up if it hasn’t malted very well. I’ll be using some crystal malt with Willamette hops. The Willamette is an American version of Fuggles, an AA of 4-6% and is said to have a softer taste. We’ll see how it goes.

Myself  and fellow brewer, Rich.

Myself and fellow brewer, Rich.

At the sanitation station

At the sanitation station



10 thoughts on “Beer Making

  1. Well I made my beer today. Thanks Phil for helping. I did use my barley malt which may have worked to some degree. I did mash and we got some sugar: SG 1.015…but not enough so I added Malt glucose and some pale malt extract. I got enough sugar that I will try again. I don’t thing I had dried my malt enough and so when I went to grind it it didn’t grind very well… and learn. I love to hear from others who have tried to malt their own barley.

    • So day three of the brew……:( The fermentation has not taken hold and I don’t know why!!! The big difference was that I used my own barley malt. But the sugar was up. Unless there were elements from the malt that is disagreeable to the yeast…it did have a bit of a funky smell to it. I’ll try a smaller batch of wort with some new yeast and see if I can start up the fermentation…otherwise I guess it’s a flop!

  2. Well I went into the Basement Brewery this morning and It’s working!!!! In fact it blew the air lock off the carboy! I don’t know why it took so long to get working. One thing I did was lowered the specific gravity from 1.08 to 1.055. Perhaps the yeast was inhibited by the high sugar content. I was fearful that the grains I got to make my malt had some kind of fungicide in them. All is well in brewdom.

  3. You guys look like you are having fun! I am a firm believer in doing things, so people can get together and enjoy the fruits of my labor, because it creates a conversation piece that people love.
    Cheers EH!

    • Hey man! It’s a 40 gallon pot but we only brew up to 20gallons. The usual brew is 10-15 gallons. We were using propane but I’ve switched to electric. I installed a 3000 watt element in the bottom of the pot and insulate it with a wool blanket. Safer this way especially in winter and poor ventallation indoors.

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